James Goodship - Postgraduate Diploma in Marine Technology (Marine Engineering) 


The MTEC course was recommended to me by peers and the Institute to which I am a member of as meeting the educational requirements of Professional Registration. Personally, I would say it fits very well around full time employment and provides an excellent opportunity to network with the wider industry at each module. One thing I would particularly emphasise for anyone considering the course is to plan long term how you intend to attempt the modules. I completed the 8 modules on the Marine Engineering Pathway in 4 years, I could have completed sooner but I was able to confirm those I needed to attend well in advance providing time to gain approval and re-organise social engagements. After a couple of modules were complete I was able to utilise new friendships with other students to discuss areas of difficulty within the course notes and gain a broader understanding of the Pre-School material; this can be done via the NCL blackboard or social media.

My employer is very pleased with the way that the course is administered and recognises the course amongst its preferred list of accredited courses for Professional Registration.


Currently employed at BAE Surface Ships Limited as a Marine Engineer






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