Kristian Karolius - Msc in Marine Technology (Naval Architecture) with distinction


The part time module-based study model provided by MTEC is excellent for combining with a full time job.  It’s a complete programme taught by a wide variety of experienced and attentive professionals. The selection of modules and material taught makes this master unique and highly beneficial. 

Overall, this has been a fantastic experience, and I have benefited both professionally and personally. The programme has participants from all over the world with varying age, status and experience, and has therefore facilitated the establishment of strong networks within the marine industry on a global scale. The program has definitely expanded my horizons and career opportunities and offered flexibility to specialize in several fields. 

I would highly recommend MTEC course to anyone wishing to expand their knowledge, network and qualifications in the marine industry.


Currently employed at Technip UK Limited as an Engineering/Naval Architect Lead






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