Paul Goulding - Msc in Marine Technology (General)


I started on the MTEC course as part of the Continued Professional Development scheme within Rolls-Royce, and picked a MTEC course in particular, as I am a Chemical Engineer working in a largely Naval Mechanical Engineering discipline.  As such, I was looking to bolster my knowledge in naval mechanical engineering core competencies, rather than gain a specific accreditation.  MTEC was perfectly tailored to this, providing flexibility in abundance.  There was good consistency across the different study location for each of the modules with interaction between the students being actively encouraged pre and post the week long University Module.  The modules were largely well taught, and provided a good level of expertise and support throughout.  Within my work environment, the MTEC course has provided me with an wider understanding of ship design and architecture which enables me to interact with my customers with a greater level of understanding for their requirements


Currently employed at Rolls-Royce Marine







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