The fees are charged on a 'per module' basis and therefore the total cost of any postgraduate qualification will be phased over the time taken to complete the programme.

Please note that the fees include pre and post school material, the intensive week school, marking, support and project supervision (where appropriate). Please note that these fees do not include accommodation or travel.

The total fees are:


MSc £10,000

Postgraduate Diploma £7,700

Postgraduate Certificate £5,400

Individual CPD modules £1,000

The fees are calculated in the following way:

MSc 10 modules @ £900 each + £1,000 project fee
Diploma 8 modules @ £900 each + £500 project fee
Certificate 6 modules @ £900 each


Exam resit fees:


Students who are required to resit exams will need to pay a resit fee. 

Please note that the fees are to cover increased admin and catering costs involved in the resit and are also designed to encourage students to take programme regulations seriously.

  • Students only re-taking the exam will need to pay an administration fee of £100
  • Students wishing to re-attend the intensive school will need to pay half of the module fee £450 (or £500 for a CPD students)


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