Module Overview


Each module is worth 10 credits (100 study hours approximately).


Each module contains the following:


Pre-school material - this will normally require 50 hours of study and will enable students to revise and review pre-requisite material so that the intensive school can be run efficiently and effectively.  The pre-school materials are made available 6 - 8 weeks prior to the intensive school. Students will undertake a pre-school assignment  (30% of the module mark) which will be submitted on the first day of the intensive school.


One week intensive school - this will have an approximate contact time of 35 hours and will include a range of lectures, case studies, tutorials, presentations, discussions and visits. Academic and industrial tutors will be involved in the delivery of the school.  Students will sit an examination (40% of the module mark) during this intensive teaching week.


Post school material - this will require 15 hours of study time and will involve completion of a post school assignment (30% of the module mark) which is submitted 8 weeks after the intensive school. This will consolidate the module learning. 


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