A2 (Marine Engineering)

Venue: University College London


Staff: Ms E Muk-Pavic


Aim:  To provide students with an understanding of propulsion and auxiliary systems and introduce marine engineering equipment demonstrating its function within marine engineering plant.  To give students an appreciation of the process of the marine engineering systems design and how physical constraints impact upon design.

Module Content:  The Module will be divided between formal lectures and the tutorial session.

The lecture material will cover :-

The need for marine engineering system

The physics of ship propulsion   

An introduction to prime-mover systems

An introduction to propulsive systems

An introduction to marine electrical systems

Auxiliary systems

Marine engineering system integration


Learning outcomes:  On completion of this course the students should understand the function of equipment within a marine engineering system and have an appreciation of the widely varying systems currently employed in marine practice.  The students should be aware of how physical constraints impinge to generate an optimal design solution.

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