B2 –Marine Project Management

Venue: University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Staff: Professor G Bruce and industrial specialists

Aims: To bring students to a common level of understanding of the key elements of up to date marine project management, including the application of work breakdown structures, hierarchical planning, development of a build strategy, performance measurement and the use of computer aided planning tools. To introduce students to new management tools including discrete event simulation.

Module Content:

  • The need for and application of an appropriate work breakdown structure and the use of a hierarchical structure for planning.
  • The use of computer aided planning tools, concentrating on benefits and pitfalls rather than training in use of a particular system.
  • The development of a build strategy for a project, its form, content and benefits.
  • Performance measurement as a basis for planning and for measurement of progress.

One day in the intensive school will be used for and industrial visit and preparation for the individual company project strategy. The detail of the module content can be directed to specialist sectors of the industry as required, in particular differentiating new construction and shiprepair/conversion.

Learning outcomes: On completion of the module, students will understand how to analyse a marine project, develop a work breakdown, prepare schedules and identify areas of uncertainty, both contract and technical. They will understand the importance of and how to aggregate in information into a formal build strategy as a means of solving uncertainties and how to monitor progress.

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