Structural and material response to the marine environment (B4)

Venue: University of Glasgow

Staff: Professor N Barltrop, Dr T Hodgkiess

Aims: To introduce students to the behaviour of material and structural response to the marine environment.

Module Content: The module will combine formal lectures and tutorial exercises.

The module will be divided broadly into the following themes:

  • Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics.
  • Fatigue Assessment: S-N curve, Miner’s Rule, Deterministic fatigue analysis, Spectral fatigue analysis, Narrow and broad band, Non-linearities affecting spectral fatigue analysis.
  • Fracture Assessment: Brittle fracture, Application of fracture mechanics to fast fracture, Crack propagation.
  • Marine Corrosion: Nature and diagnosis of Marine Corrosion problems, Nature of corrosion procedures, Marine corrosion testing, Environmental factors in corrosion of metals in seawater and sear air, Crevice corrosion,
  • Galvanic corrosion, Cathodic protection, Effects of stress, Application to hull structures.
  • Materials and NDT (non-destructive testing): Types of non-destructive tests, Methods of examination for defects, Radiographic examinations, Methods of magnetic analysis, Magnetic and particle method, Methods of electrical analysis.

Learning outcomes: On completion of this course the students should understand the behaviour of various materials used in structures and their responses in the marine environment.

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