The regulatory framework for the marine industry (C1)

Venue: University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Staff: Mr Duncan McLean and Mr Gerry Smith

Aims: To introduce students to the role of the regulations and their impact on design, construction and operational practices, health and safety and environment. To examine the role of IMO and classification societies and their relationship with the national and international regulatory bodies.

Module Content: The module will be divided into three themes:

Maritime Law:
National waters, international waters, insurance, port entries, shipping operations in national, international and foreign waters.

Marine Regulatory bodies and their roles:
IMO, National Maritime Authorities MCA, EU regulations on shipping and shipbuilding, Health and Safety. Areas to be covered are GMDSS, ISM Safety Management, Marpol, Fire Protection, Evacuation, Life Saving and Equipment, Stability Requirements, Crew Requirements, Loading Practices, Cargo Stowage and Securing, EU standards on ship construction, safety and operation, including environmental impact.

The classification Societies and their work:
Design and construction, inspection and surveying, ISO standards, approval of manufactured goods. Activities of IACS and member organisations.

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