Decommissioning of offshore installations (C12)

Venue: University of Strathclyde

Staff: Professor C Kuo

Aims: To introduce students to the key topics and issues related to the decommissioning of offshore installations and to provide an opportunity for a high level of interaction between students.

Module Content: The module will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction: Background, project lifecycle, technical solutions, environmental issues, international regulations/conventions, practical implications.
  • Decommissioning Process: Key steps, planning, surveying, well abandonment and cleaning, comparison with production activities.
  • Environmental Issues: Environmental concerns, methods of minimising environmental impact, development of policies, waste audit, treatment and disposal.
  • Communication Issues: Basic approach and experience in communicating decommissioning issues to all concerned.
  • Decommissioning Options: Options and methods available for topsides, steel jackets and concrete sub-structures.
  • Cost, Economics and Timing: Key parameters, cost estimates, tax regimes, option costs, overall work load and synergies, option selected.
  • Re-use and Disposal: Possibilities of re-use, ways of disposing typical installations.
  • Safety Considerations: Basis of safety, preparation of safety cases, safety comparisons, impact on decommissioning.
  • Decommissioning Technologies: Techniques of cutting, lifting and towing of installations.
  • Legislation: Summary of relevant legislation/convention, political implications.

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