Lightweight  composite structural design (C13)

Venue: University of Southampton


Staff: Dr S Boyd and Dr J Blake


Aims: This module aims to introduce students to the special design requirements when incorporating lightweight composite materials with an emphasis on the marine industry.


Module Content:

Lectures: Background

• Materials used in composite materials

• Manufacturing processes for composite materials

• Use of Rule of Mixtures and Halpin-Tsai equations for design

• Example problems highlighting composite design philosophy


Lectures: Design of multi-axial composite laminates

• Introduction to Tensor Notation

• Introduction to Transformations

• Composite Laminate Plate Theory

• Failure and damage progression in composites

• Design of connections in composite materials

• Sustainability and reliability in composite design



• Composite Design – development of laminate design tool

• Composite Manufacture – dry and wet laminate manufacturing

• Composite testing – Experimental determination of mechanical properties

• Results analysis – comparing experimental and numerical material data


Learning outcomes:  Having successfully completed the module, the student will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

• Modern composite materials

• Composite theory, mechanics, fracture, failure and design

• Composite manufacturing methods

• Assessment of composite material properties

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