Optimisation in engineering design (C2)

Venue: University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Staff: Mr John Dalton

Aims: To introduce students to some of the principal approaches to optimisation with particular reference to their applicability in different areas of engineering design.

Module Content: The module will consist of five parts:

  • Examination of design problems and how they relate to an optimisation approach using single and multiple criteria methods leading to a simple classification of approaches.
  • Classical optimisation methods and their applicability; insights to be gained.
  • Numerical optimisation methods with emphasis on constraint handling in practical applications to see how physical requirements influence the chosen design(s).
  • Multiple criteria methods and their applicability; data requirements and the role of priorities in design.

Evolutionary algorithms: their strengths and weaknesses; practical implementation in engineering design.

Learning outcomes: On completion of this course the students will be expected to understand the fundamental trade-off relations in engineering design and how they relate to specific numerical treatment using some established numerical optimisation methods. Both single objective and multiple objective methods would be taken on board, with students learning how technical possibilities interact with design priorities in establishing good designs. Practical applications will be examined to reinforce design lessons.

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