Marine systems identification, modelling and control (C6)

Venue: Newcastle University


Staff: Professor A Roskilly and Dr Rikard Mikalsen


Aims:  To give students an understanding of identification, modelling and control theory and practice applied to dynamic marine systems.  


Learning outcomes:  Have a thorough understanding of how to model most common marine dynamic systems, together with a good grounding in the control strategies that are used.

Module Content:  The module will consist of three major areas, essentially concerned with the mathematical modelling, control and parameter identification of marine systems.  The teaching, support material and coursework will extensively use relevant simulation software (Scilab and, optionally, Matlab/Simulink).  This will enable all control and modelling techniques to be investigated in terms of steady state and dynamic response, and system stability.

Mathematical modelling of marine electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems. Some fundamental linear and non-linear modelling techniques will be described. These techniques will then be illustrated with aid of several case studies. 

The manner in which these models can be controlled will be fully described.  The techniques will include basic analogue PI/PID, and their analysis in the s-domain and the frequency domain.  Each of the control schemes will be illustrated with implementation and realisation examples, and analysis using analytical techniques and through simulation will be demonstrated.

Many control system contain either systems have parameters that cannot be easily measured, or are too expensive to measure.  The course will describe techniques of parameter identification and estimation


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