Marine electrical and electronic system (C7)

Venue: University College London

Staff: Dr R Bucknall

Aims: To provide students with an understanding of how electrical and electronic systems are used in the marine environment. The students will be introduced to electrical machines and to power electronic systems and will develop an understanding of how electrical equipment can be integrated to form a reliable and safe distribution system within the marine environment.

Module Content: The Module will be divided between formal lectures and the design exercise. The lecture material will cover:

  • The need for marine electrical engineering system
  • Electrical machines in the marine environment
  • Power electronic systems
  • Power system distribution and its protection
  • Sensing, actuating and control systems
  • Power system design: Opportunities and constraints

The exercise will consist of a requirement to provide a detail design of a marine electrical engineering system for a given vessel. The students will be expected to submit appropriate calculations to demonstrate and understanding of system performance during steady-state and transient performance.

Learning outcomes: On completion of this course the students should understand the function of marine electrical engineering systems having an appreciation of the wide variety of system configurations. The students should be aware of design requirements and constraints and be able to undertake calculations to determine system performance.

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