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A 40 credit project is required to complete the Postgraduate Diploma and an 80 credit project for the MSc programme. The project will address a problem or issue related to the student's organisation and be multi-disciplinary in nature to allow the application of a wide range of skills and knowledge.

Examples of potential projects include:

Optimisation of energy in central cooling water systems of large tankers.

Investigation into the advantages and disadvantages of installing gas turbine propulsion in a new cruise ship.

Selecting the optimum auxiliary power system for merchant ships.

Fatigue analysis of side frame (connection) of a bulk carrier.

Improving the production process of the modern warship.

A life cycle comparison of warship machinery.

Design and structural analysis of a lifeboat appliance system.

Dynamic response analysis of a truss spar in waves.

The effects of extreme environmental loading variations on the reliability of jack-up platforms.

Investigation and design of a "Drench System" for Astute submarine main machinery space.

Design of concrete gravity structure to support existing jack-up rigs to enable exploitation of a marginal field: report and critique.

The use of composite repair technology of damaged carbon steel piping systems.


The Crown Estate Project Bursaries


The Crown Estate would like to provide project bursaries to MTEC students who undertake a project which is of particular interest to the renewable energy industry.

Interested students who have scope to develop these topics into an MSc project please contact MTEC@ncl.ac.uk .


The Crown Estate Topics

The topics listed below have been suggested by The Crown Estate. 

  • Improve functions in the spatial levelised cost model (Model will be published by TCE in Jan 2013).

  • Research project around NaREC’s met mast (Mast will be installed in 2013).

  • Floating wind technology review and feasibility study.

  • Alternative wind turbine concepts.


Industry Topics

Some other project topics have been suggested by industry and The Crown Estate would also consider funding for projects researching the following:

  • NaREC

Numerical modelling in CFX to further develop and validate 3D CFD tool to calculate tidal speed and direction in highly energetic tidal flow areas. Including aspects of assessing tidal resource energy yield, turbine placement and turbine wake interaction studies.

  • Centrica Energy Ltd

Offshore wind farm Round 3 foundation solutions.  Students who have scope to work on this project could have the opportunity to integrate into a team currently working on this within Centrica.  The project could also include elements of market and peer research.



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