An 80 credit project is required to complete the MSc programme. The project will address a problem or issue related to the student's organisation and be multi-disciplinary in nature to allow the application of a wide range of skills and knowledge.

Examples of potential projects include:
Optimisation of energy in central cooling water systems of large tankers.

Investigation into the advantages and disadvantages of installing gas turbine propulsion in a new cruise ship.

Selecting the optimum auxiliary power system for merchant ships.

Fatigue analysis of side frame (connection) of a bulk carrier.

Improving the production process of the modern warship.

A life cycle comparison of warship machinery.

Design and structural analysis of a lifeboat appliance system.

Dynamic response analysis of a truss spar in waves.

The effects of extreme environmental loading variations on the reliability of jack-up platforms.

Investigation and design of a "Drench System" for Astute submarine main machinery space.

Design of concrete gravity structure to support existing jack-up rigs to enable exploitation of a marginal field: report and critique.

The use of composite repair technology of damaged carbon steel piping systems.


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