Newcastle University has grown from a School of Medicine and Surgery, established in Newcastle in 1834. The School of Marine Science and Technology is a major European university centre for marine technology with substantial research and teaching. The main research interests include design, offshore engineering, marine engineering, fluid dynamics, computing and hydrodynamics.

The Director of Study for Newcastle is Prof John Mangan.

For more information about the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, go to www.ncl.ac.uk



The University of Strathclyde was founded in 1794 as the Anderson's Institute. The university itself was created in 1964 from a merger between the Royal College of Science and Technology and the Scottish College of Commerce.

Teaching in Marine Technology began in 1882 and has benefited from close links with the local shipbuilding industry. Key areas of research include ship stability, safety of ships and marine installations, surface support activities and hydrodynamics.

The Director of Study for Strathclyde is Dr Evengelos Boulougouris.

For more information about the University of Strathclyde, go to www.strath.ac.uk



The University’s origins date from 1862 when the Hartley Institute was founded in central Southampton and it received its charter in 1952.

The School of Engineering Science incorporates a number of former departments including the Department of Ship Science. The aim of the new School is to create one of the foremost academic centres of excellence in Engineering Sciences. Key research areas include dynamic behaviour of marine structures, lightweight materials and control of marine vehicles.

The MTEC Programme Director, based at Southampton, is Prof Philip Wilson.

For more information about the University of Southampton, go to www.soton.ac.uk


University College London (UCL)

UCL was founded in 1826 as the University of London. It was renamed UCL in 1836 when it received its charter.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was created in 1847 and was the first department of mechanical engineering in England. The departments main research areas are offshore engineering, subsea and underwater engineering, naval architecture and marine engineering.

The Director of Study for UCL is Ms Ema Muk-Pavic.

For more information about University College London, go to www.ucl.ac.uk


The Management Board

The Management Board for this programme includes representatives from all of the universities and leading marine companies. The industrialists make an important and valuable contribution to the programme and represent a wide range of industrial activity. The companies involved are BAE Systems, BMT, Converteam, Lloyd's Register, Rolls Royce and The Crown Estate.


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